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Manufacturer info

Originally manufactured in Spencer, Wisconsin. As it is understood, Komfort RV bought out the name brand “Trailblazer” and still builds them today as a Komfort built trailer.

Years Built

1960-1979 Just recently bought a 1979 Trailblazer camper in the 24 foot varity



Standard Features

There is a very distinct exterior feature that will set this trailer apart from all other vintage trailers. These trailers have small metal shutters fixed to the sides of all the windows. This ads a particularly “homey” touch.




Pete H. (Saint Francis, WI) - 1965 Trailblazer 13' - Vintage trailers are a Fun and Interesting way of camping. Vintage campers ad a flare to the tone of camping. A connection is made with our past that is somewhat warming. Ross K. (Burke, SD) - 1967 Trailblazer 16' - I wish I could find parts and information on these campers!

Jennifer A. (Arlington, WA) - 1963 Trailblazer 15' - I am looking for the 2 page brochure from 1963 on these trailers. If anyone has one to sell please email jenartim@hotmail.com. Thanks!!!

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